Software Development

Current Projects

Clove Software

I am working on a startup developing and selling productivity software. Some of our current products in development include,, and

Mol an Óige

I am currently working for Abair, a research laboratory in Trinity College, Dublin. I am developing a React Native app teaching aspects of Irish phonology to pre-literate children.

Luna Technology Society

I’m a part of a society is Poland that builds model rocket ships. My roles include design and software development. I am currently maintaining the official website.

Past Projects

Random Anime Picker App

I developed an app for anime fans that helped them choose their next anime from "MyAnimeList" database. It received thousands of downloads and positive reviews, but stopped working due to changes in the API.

Old Portfolio website

At the age of 17, I developed a portfolio using the create-react-app and class components. Although these technologies are now outdated, the website still maintains a visually appealing design. I included it in this list due to its nice design.

Formula Trinity Website

I maintained and optimized the society website for a short period. I actively updated website information. I also optimized page loading times by reducing server response time.

River People Ecuador Website

I maintained, improved and managed the company website for a period of three months. During that time I drastically boosted the company web presence and website search engine rankings.

Lavista Canoa Webpage

A website I made for an owner of a hotel I stayed at on a beach in Ecuador. The owner changed his mind after agreeing on the offer. I left the project as an unfinished demo.


APM AUTOMOTIVE is a website made for a small business in Poland. The website was used by the owner for some time until their domain expired and they decided to stop hosting it.

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